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Conveo NewsFeeder is an innovative digital tool to handle and distribute various news sources and digital content. With NewsFeeder, media houses can capture new customers and secure existing readers' loyalty in a challenging market.
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Conveo NewsFeeder is a unique digital way of
distributing news and content to mobile and online platforms

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News consumption is rapidly moving from paper to mobile units and web. Your next generation of readers will probably carry their news service in their pockets and enjoy while on the move. With the Conveo NewsFeeder service, you can distribute all your news uniquely to individual subscribers, sorted by geography and interests. Distribution of news articles, galleries, videos, maps and other content, is based on the geographic location and individual interests of each subscriber. The news service is delivered to smartphones, tablets and web, and can be accesse both online and offline.
Conveo NewsFeeder is a tool for all types of media houses, which publish locally based weeklies or dailies. Media houses today often have a combination of regional daily newspapers and a number of locally based weeklies, which are distributed to all households. Conveo NewsFeeder is not only for media houses. Its an effective tool in all cases where information and content must be sorted individually to users on demand free of charge.

Our Services


We can help you make your professional design of Conveo NewsFeeder reflect your image and style. Our services take you from initial mock-ups and wireframes to final design.


We deliver a full package, ready to use on all mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows. The package also includes a full html version in responsive design. We can also take care of all uploads and approvals from app stores.


Your new news app must be adequately marketed and we offer to make the product sites and other marketing material. This will save you both money and time.

Operations and maintenance

We offer a full operations service that will ensure you a uninterrupted and stable services. This service also covers necessary maintenance of functionalities.

Manage third party supliers

The NewsFeeder must work smoothly with your other suppliers and content delivery systems, this can be other CMS systems, subscription systems, sign-on services etc.

Why Conveo NewsFeeder?

Conveo NewsFeeder is an innovative tool, which receives, processes, sorts and distributes digital content to individual costumers and subscribers. It is also a complex machine that is designed to run uninterrupted service 24/7 year round. Also Christmas eve and Easter Monday. Conveo NewsFeeder is unique, because it is the only of its kind. We invented a new way of delivering local news that is tailored to the individual reader. National and international digital news service is galore and freely available on all platforms, but where do you get to know what happened down the corner or at the local school? What about the shop that closed down and the new that will open soon? Did the local football team win their game last weekend and who will be the new coach for the local basketball team? When will the new road be finished and how will municipality solve the parking problems?
These are news that only very few people find interesting. But for those particular people it is VERY interesting because it influences their daily lives. The NewsFeeder deliver just those news stories that each finds interesting and leave all the other stuff out. So each reader will get only what is interesting to exactly him or her - because they selected it themselves. All get relevant and requested local news and content and hence your service will potentially be relevant to all in your area of operation. Conveo NewsFeeder is for all, but it is in particular designed to catch the new generation of readers. They will not ask for the paper version but will expect the news to be delivered to their mobile unit... also the local news.

Technical Overview

Conveo NewsFeeder is the only one of its kind. We invented a new way of delivering
local news that is tailored to the individual reader.

How does it work?

We use reader's location and his/her reading habbits to deliver the news they are interested in the most. The reader is, however, free to choose the interest areas on their own. The news themselves are boxed into subjects, so the topic of interest is flavoured with multimedia. Aside from the story itself, you are provided with photo galleries, video galleries, maps, related stories and other content. Essentially Conveo NewsFeeder is sourcing or being fed with tagged content from various sources. This content is then being sorted and distributed according to the user preferences, to digital platforms on mobile apps, web pages and via an API to external presentation platforms if needed.

Genera CMS

Genera is a php based CMS, which is at the core of Newsfeeder. Genera was built by Tehnicomsolutions in 2008 and is serving over 1,000 webpages today. Genera is handling all news management in Newsfeeder, and is also hosting both the web news site and the backend management systems.

News database

All received content is being stored in a local database based on MySql. The storage on mobile devices is based on SQLite.
Feed service and the information flow
Feed service is the most critical part of Newsfeeder, as it is here the service is receiving and writing content from various sources into Genera database. The data is inserted in two ways.
a Genera is parsing news sources in scheduled intervals (Cron jobs)
b Editors can manually enter news through Genera
The next steps are parsing, storing and optimizing in a dedicated DB. Images are stored as provided but optimized for all platforms to ensure best quality/bandwidth usage. The data is then served for:
1 Web via PHP Cake framework. The web frontend is all done as responsive design to cover all platforms.
2 Mobile devices (iOS and android) as JSON service. The API developed for this service is suitable for any other platform you as client might require. The service it self is a REST service, lightweight and easy to parse.
Mobile applications read the data from the services on demand, but can also receive critical updates and news via iOS and Android push services. The data is cached locally on devices to minimize bandwidth. The applications are requesting only data that has been provided since last update to ensure maximum accuracy with minimum traffic usage. Mobile applications are made natively, to ensure best performance/user expirience.

Sign-on and user management

User database in Newsfeeder can either be handled in Genera, or by an external Single-signon service. Today an interface towards popular SSO service is already in place, or the user system can be local and handled in Genera.

Distribution, web and apps

All apps are native apps to the different OS (HTML-web, iOS, Android and Windows). Each app will communicate with Genera via a secure API, which also can feed other external news delivery platforms.
Alex Pedersen, Managing Director at Jyske Medier A/S

Jyske Medier A/S believes in NewsFeeder

We are extremely good at finding and producing local news. Through a strong network of competent journalists we always know what is happening locally in our region of more than 300,000 people. Our challenge is to communicate our product in a way that fits into a busy day. More and more people, not least the young people, prefer the news to be delivered mobile and in an easy and orderly manner. We believe we have achieved this with Exclusive. Alex Pedersen, Managing Director at Jyske Medier A/S


Conveo NewsFeeder

Conveo NewsFeeder has been developed by Tehnicom Solution Denmark in partnership with Jyske Medier A/S. Hence it has been developed with due respect for both the right technical solutions and with profound knowledge of how a modern media house works. As a result of this partnership the individual user experience has been in focus. Its simple, its accessible and its news to-go.

Jyske Medier

Jyske Medier is a modern media house with a long history of delivering news and entertainment to people in and around Horsens, Vejle and Fredericia in Denmark. They publish 3 daily newspapers and 16 local weeklies. Jyske Medier offers NewsFeeder under the brand name of "Exclusive".

Tehnicom Solutions Denmark

Tehnicom Solutions Denmark is a solution partner to Tehnicom Solutions in Belgrade. All of our products are developed at our production in Belgrade. A group of experienced developers, designers, administrators and testers provide a strong platform for good and effective service to our clients around Europe.


Conveo is a suit of digital solutions and Conveo NewsFeeder is a key product. Other Conveo products are:
Enterprise social media, Conveo Hive E-learning platform, Conveo Collegium B2B match making tool, Conveo Talkb2b

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